We offer two tracks for certification, SCCT and Legacy. CHWs are eligible for certification once they complete SCCT, while Legacy honors CHWs for their lived experience.

For Advanced Levels - We recognize that CHWs provide leadership throughout all levels of the Socio-Ecological Framework. To that end, CHWs have the opportunity to pursue advanced levels of certification, honoring the work they have led in their communities.

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We provide a Standardized Core Competency Training (SCCT) that is delivered through the community college system, and other specialty trainings throughout the state.

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We work alongside CHWs, allies and partners to influence policies and systems to support best practices, sustainable payment models, and the development of statewide infrastructure to support CHW integration.

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We are the home for CHW certification in North Carolina

Learn more about opportunities for certification, recertification, and advanced certification as a Community Health Worker in our state.

"I am so appreciative for your initiative to honor this beautiful profession often overlooked"

— CHW Advanced Levels Pilot Applicant