Our Mission

We advance the professional pathways of CHWs — ensuring they are valued as frontline public health professionals throughout North Carolina.

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About Us

For several years, interested parties joined together to strategically build a sustainable and equitable infrastructure that elevates Community Health Workers as integral to systems in North Carolina.

Out of these conversations, the North Carolina Community Health Worker Advisory Committee was formed in 2019. The committee became the North Carolina Community Health Worker Association in the spring of 2021, with Honey Yang Estrada as its inaugural President.

In a short time, our team has standardized training and formalized certification for more than 800 CHWs and implemented pathways for professional development. We work with CHWs and allies to advocate for the recognition and respect of the workforce.

We advocate for CHWs to be recognized and respected as frontline workers who receive a thriving wage.

It is our goal to ensure that all CHWs in North Carolina receive ongoing support for their training and certification needs. By becoming members of our association, CHWs will have access to networking, mentorship, and employment opportunities.

Our Core Values

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We value all people.

We embrace, celebrate, and value all people through a brave, safe, and welcoming environment.

We are authentic.

We present the truth and maintain an environment of openness that allows others to live their truth.

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We do the right thing. 

We have integrity in all we do — even when no one is watching.

We respect others.

We listen, follow through, and build caring relationships.

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We have confidence in CHWs and our partners. 

We collaborate with individuals and organizations based on mutual trust.

Group 2022

Our services support CHWs as frontline public health workers.

We advocate for them to be deeply woven into the fabric of our systems as the hyper-local solution to public health delivery.